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If you are a believer or a skeptic and want to lean more about the subject then is for you. Under the Squatch-A-Pedia section you will find many topics to help you on your quest. On the site you may also share your own Bigfoot experience, listen to some informative podcasts, buy Bigfoot or Sasquatch merchandise, and much more.


This print is from the Uwharrie National Forest on Sept.3rd 2023


here in NC. It was crossing a path and was in very hard packed gravelly soil. I couldn't make a dent in it. It was just off a horse trail and while I was casting it some people on horses came by. Both the old and new horses prints barely made a mark in the soil in comparison. The tracks we’re through green brush and where it stepped you could see the greenery still was pushed down and was still not fully back upright.

The print was the only one that hit a bare spot. The casting got the size and shape but not good detail because of the pebbles in the soil. It measures 14&1/2 long by 6&1/2 at the widest point. 


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